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Agenda 21 NOW! was a telecommunication project initiated and operated by a team of students and teachers from:

Humboldt-Gymnasium Trier, Germany

working together with

Kurt-Tucholsky-School Flensburg, Germany

in cooperation with

The UNESCO Baltic Sea Project

and the

German UNESCO ASPnet Schools
(this website is in German language only)

For further information, questions and suggestions please write an e-mail to us.

Martin Jarrath, coordinator
and the Agenda 21 NOW! team
c/o Kurt-Tucholsky-School Flensburg
Richard-Wagner-Str. 41
D-24943 Flensburg
Phone +49 461 85 13 50
Fax +49 461 85 13 78
E-mail info@agenda21now.org

(c) Agenda 21 NOW! 1999-2016.
We are not responsible for the content of linked pages.

E-mail to webmaster: webmaster@agenda21now.org

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