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Theme 2015 - an example for what
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Road to 2050 -

what the world should be like,

what the world could be like ...

This year we are going to try something new: We are looking at a sustainability process from its result. Today, in the year 2015, the year 2050 is 35 years ahead. Those who are 15 today, will be 50 by that time, they will be the teachers, doctors, presidents, government-leaders, factory-owners, they'll be the generation ruling the country at that time.

As you all know sustainability is about what happens in the future, it is about future generations and their living conditions.

So how do we wish the world to be like in the year 2050? (Hopefully it will be a much more sustainable world than today.) And how can we get there, how can we achieve the world being a better, a more sustainable world than it is today? And how do we define better and more sustainable? What is that precisely we wish to achieve, and what are we to avoid? Describe sustainability scenarios and possible roads to such sustainability scenarios!

Everyone knows that things don't always develop in the direction we hope. Therefore, there is a certain chance that the world is taking a different way until 2050. What other ways are possible, and what could that be that turns the world into that direction? Let's discuss different scenarios for 2050, not only the good ones, and let's discuss what might happen that history doesn't develop to the better in the next 35 years. What could be your own role to help avoiding such negative scenarios?

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