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Notes for Educators

Thank you for your interest in the Agenda 21 NOW! international Internet conference for students! Agenda 21 NOW! is not only for students, it is also a conference for educators!
If you are a teacher, don't hesitate to take part in the discussions yourself. Don't only stand besides while your students are having fun in the conference :-)

What is an Internet Conference?
People from all over the world can discuss easily over the Internet. The only thing you need is a computer with access to the Internet and a registration some days in advance at least. Registered participants will have exclusive write access to Agenda 21 NOW! Interactive, our special pages that help preparing the conference .

Log in and discuss on conference day! It's easy!

The name of our conference is Agenda 21 NOW!.

This means: It is time to implement the Agenda 21, it is time to develop ways of sustainable development. Not next year, not tomorrow, let's start NOW! But how can this be done? How would young people like to do it? The conference topic Political and demographic change in the early 21st century as well as ways towards a sustainable development should be discussed in the conference.

The conference duration is 25 hours this times, it starts on conference day at 17:00 UTC, with the last hour being reserved to writing a resolution. All participants are kindly asked to come back in the final conference hour, i.e. on Thursday, 18 February, 17:00 to 18:00 UTC.

How can my students and I discuss?
The discussions will take place within conference rooms - rather similar to an ordinary conference! Every conference room has a topic, related to the conference theme.

We will provide special information on every topic, some provocative theses, essays, pictures, linked material, ... All this a mouse click away.

How can I prepare my students for the conference?
Quality discussions need quality preparation. Use the Agenda 21 NOW! pages to prepare your students! Check our pages, especially our Interactive Pages, from time to time! You can find a lot of further information for you and your students there. We hope your students will like it!

Be a part of the preparatory team, you and your students!
Some of the Agenda 21 NOW! pages are what we call Interactive Pages, just as the Wikipedia dictionary you probably know. This means: As a registered participant you and your students may edit the Interactive Pages and even create new pages, visible to everyone surfing Agenda 21 NOW! ! Read more about this here ...

For all those of you who might have found the former link pages of the early Agenda 21 NOW! conferences useful: They are still available on our links page.

In every conference room (there will be three or four of them) you can very easily contribute to a discussion: Just write into the message window. A second after you have sent your message by mouse click, it will appear in the conference room for all participants. Every participant in this room will be able to read it and maybe respond or send a new contribution to the discussion. In this way discussions between participants from all over the world will develop quickly and easily.

Can I participate with my entire group of students, e.g. a class?
Yes! Please! Of course! There is only one important thing about it: Every participant, which means: every member of your group, must please register individually.

This is because on the Internet it is not really possible to discuss as a group. It's always one human who is sitting in front of the machine. Therefore we ask all members of classes and other groups to please register individually. Thank you!

Why registration?
It is like with an ordinary conference: You register before you can participate. When you register you must leave a couple of data about yourself including your e-mail address.

During the conference all contributions will be published in the conference room with the authors names. One click on this name displays a short description of the author so that you can find out a few things about the one who has written this. Moreover you can directly contact the author via e-mail if you want to. All this is only possible through registration. The participants may stay in contact even after the conference has ended.

Click here for registration now!

Please note: Registration must be made before the conference.

Who can participate?
Students from the age of 14 up from all over the world. Educators / teachers are also welcome! Students can participate individually as well as in groups.

A few conditions ...
... all participants are kindly asked to follow strictly:

1. Conference language: English! This is the one and only conference langugage, so that every participant can discuss with one another, we need a common language. In this way language barriers will not emerge.

2. Sustainability: The conference only lasts for one day, but it should contribute to sustainable development. Agenda 21 is a theme one has to deal with for a while, before really knowing what to contribute.

Dear teachers and educators,
we therefore kindly ask you to prepare your students for this conference! Please check the Agenda 21 NOW! webpages for further information on Agenda 21 and the conference theme!

Do you have further questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

We hope to see you and your students on the net during the next conference!

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We are not responsible for the content of linked pages.

E-mail to webmaster: webmaster@agenda21now.org

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