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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any problems please read through the following questions and answers. In case you don't find an answer on your question please switch to our contact page and write an e-mail to us.

Will there be Agenda 21 NOW! conferences in the future?

No. At this moment we are not planning to hold more conferences. We are not saying never, but at the moment the answer is no.

Why did you stop holding Agenda 21 NOW! conferences?

It wasn't that easy to stop after seventeen successful conferences in a row. However, we thought this was necessary. Here are the two most important reasons:

(1) Conference quality. We struggled a lot to improve conference quality over the years. However, we never managed to really get to the quality standard we had in mind when creating the project in 1999/2000. We wanted great discussions based on teaching material, such as the contents provided in Agenda 21 NOW! Interactive every year. We had really nice discussions in all conferences, but too few of them reached that standard.

(2) Conference software. The communication platform needed a renovation. We were lacking the resources for this, Agenda 21 NOW! is a project of volunteers, nobody has ever earned a single Euro with it, and we have never payed people who worked for the project.

The conference runs for twenty-four hours. Do I have to be online all the time during these twenty-four hours?

No! Log in and log out whenever your want! Be with us when your time allows you to! All posted messages will be available during the entire conference. So if you are online in the early hours of the conference it might be interesting to come back later during the day and take a look at what others have written to your contributions in the meantime.

I am a teacher. Can I register my group for the conference?

Groups are VERY welcome! We kindly ask the members of groups to please register individually before the conference. This will only take you five minutes! Every member of the group will get an individual user name and password for the conference (will be sent to all participants soon after successful registration).

Can my students participate at home on their private PC?

Yes! Of course! Everybody of you may take part in the conference whenever and wherever you want, at school, at home, in an Internet-café, ... All you need is an Internet-PC and your user name and password.

I am a teacher. I would like to take part in the discussions myself.

Welcome! The conference is meant for students and all those who would like to talk about our conference topic. Please sign in and join the conference on 17/18 February!

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